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Writer | Director | DoP

I have always had a passion for writing, directing and video editing. I started out writing novels when I was 15, where I wrote a 400-page fantasy called ‘The Darkness Emerges.’ I finished it when I was 18. It was terrible, but at the time I didn’t know it; so, I decided to create an advert for it whilst at University. There I caught the bug for screenwriting and filmmaking as a whole.

Going through University, I met Isobel Drane, and we started creating short films, commercials and writing long form drama. We ended up writing, directing and editing numerous shorts, and left with 5 feature screenplays under our belts. Since then, I (and Isobel) have written 3 TV shows, 7 feature films, directed dozens of short films and commercials, and I now run a software company dedicated to automating parts of editorial. I’m also now in talks with Pulse Films for a Mars-based Sci-Fi, and am finishing the draft of a book dedicated to helping people break into the film industry.

I am an experienced DoP, with my own fully rigged Ursa Mini camera package, Aputure lighting package and various Tungstens, gels and G&E kits. I have shot dozens of commercial campaigns for various companies, and am highly experienced in a range of lighting and production styles.

I also have a passion for video editing and visual effects. Over the years I have edited- and composited, colour graded and delivered- dozens of short films and commercial work for the likes of Calor Gas, Mo-Sys Engineering, and several higher-profile startups, including Strabo Ltd. I am completely fluent in the following software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve and Davinci Fusion. I am also highly experienced in Adobe After Effects and Blender 3D, and have some experience inside Avid Media Composer.

Aside from all of this, I like boxing, running, eating, eating some more, and I would safely count whiskey in my top 5 friends.

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