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Writer | Director | Editor

I have always loved writing.I first started writing at age 15, when I wrote my local pantomimes. When I moved to University to study English Literature, I met Kieran Lowley, and we started writing feature films, and directing shorts and commercials. In my last 3 weeks of University, Kieran and I decided to write, produce and direct 2 20-25 minute films- which is absolutely the most stressful thing I’ve ever done. Just before I turned 24, we both gained representation from Screen Talent, and have since written 3 TV shows, 7 feature films, and directed dozens of short films and commercials.

The thing I love most about directing is getting to work with so many fantastic people. Large teams lead to some amazing experiences, and making life-long friends because you've gone through really intense productions is always nice.

I absolutely love Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and am in optioning talks with Pulse Films for a Mars-based Sci-Fi mixing The Expanse and The Martian.

I am also an experienced editor, having worked on dozens of commercials and short films over the years, for companies including Olly's Olives, Calor Gas and Mo-Sys Engineering. I am completely fluent in Davinci Resolve, and am experienced in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

When I'm not writing TV shows or directing commercials and drama, I love fussing dogs, fussing cats, fussing other animals, and baking! Not baking animals though, that's not very nice.

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