PM-6: Elise, the last human on Earth and inadvertent creator of the PM-6 epidemic, awakens one morning to a banging on her door. Reunited with her father, Andrew, who abandoned her as a child, she must fight for her survival and her new-found relationship.

Sage: As Maria Crane searches for her missing son, she must come to terms with her role in the Sage genocide whilst escaping the notorious Sage Hunter, Hopkins.

Bogan Fever: As the Bogotà Haemorrhagic fever ravages the world, AdPharm is licensed to begin forced testing on homeless people. When a volunteer finds herself in an adjacent room to her pregnant twin sister, a web of abuse is revealed, and the bounds of humanity’s moral code are pushed.

Alone: Struggling to survive the wilderness, Ian is plagued by memories of The War. When he meets a group of campers and his grasp on reality unhinges, the need to understand his recurring dream grows stronger: is his brother still alive?

Kinder: England, WW2. As Esther, 18, is pressured to marry, she fights back against the Jewish system. When a young German child arrives on the Kinder Transport, Esther's life is thrown into a spiral, and she is forced to choose between doing her duty to her people and her dream career.

The Unsettled: Martha is moving house, the fourth time by the age of 11. As her dad becomes increasingly abusive, and Martha starts seeing ghosts, she begins to question why they really move.

The Scourge Of Velatyn: In search of the Belial, a cure to his mortal sickness, Gustav and his family move to Velatyn, an ancient city infested with creatures. When the Belial runs dry, Gustav becomes infected with the Beast Plague. To save himself and his family, he must fight for his humanity and uncover the secret hidden within Velatyn’s twisted spires: why are all the children disappearing?

Reconnection: After losing his job, again, and hospitalising his son, Henry turns to alcohol for comfort during his divorce. His life spirals downhill until he befriends an old collegue, Laura.