'Black Dog'

Short Film | Pre-Production

Black Dog is an incredibly ambitious film that aims to seamlessly blend reality with the Unreal. With the unique, novel workflow we developed on 'Game Over' (2021), and our connections into some of the most pioneering companies working in Virtual Production, we are confident we can achieve our vision.

Black Dog works as a non-linear story, following a sequence of events that lead to a murder 20 years in the past. Two friends went camping in the woods, and carried out a ritual... and something went wrong. Very wrong.

Who Are We?



Isobel Drane and Kieran Lowley have worked together as Directors and Producers on dozens of productions over the past 4 years, most of them visual effects centred. Having worked at Mo-Sys for several weeks before, Kieran secured a contract to produce the StarTracker Promotional video. Since then, Kieran and Isobel have partnered with the virtual production company, Morden Wolf Ltd. to aid in virtual production services. They have crafted several commercials, live demos and narrative pieces inside Unreal Engine, all live action. Their experience ranges 15 short films leading crews of up to 27 people, and commercial work for large companies and Universities.




Adam Langdon is the Lead Video Producer at Mo-Sys Engineering and is our Director of Photography. He is fully adept in virtual production with the StarTracker and has hands-on experience with several of our virtual production shoots. Starting with stills photography, his past clients include the likes of Disney and Virgin.



Marcus Masdammer is our Technical Director and is the leading technician behind the Mo-Sys StarTracker Studio- the hardware that allows us to shoot virtual production. He designs the technology, is an educator on the future of virtual production, and holds booths at the Unreal Academy- an annual training event held by Epic Games. He is one of a handful of people in the country with his unique skillset.